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Volunteer opportunities

Become a Volunteer
Join the Blue Heron volunteers and share in the pride of supporting one of New England’s finest vocal ensembles. Your contribution of time and skills will help keep the music alive for generations to come.

Blue Heron volunteers play an important role in the organization by enthusiastically providing leadership and support for a myriad of projects and activities.

Comprised of men and women of all ages and backgrounds, Blue Heron seeks to utilize volunteers to help strengthen community awareness and public appreciation of the music performed by Blue Heron, contribute to its financial strength, and provide appropriate support services to its Board and staff.

Blue Heron offers an array of programs and activities that a volunteer may participate in depending on areas of interest. Volunteers may choose to help patrons at workshops or concerts, participate in special fundraising events, or assist board members on committees.

To become a volunteer, follow the steps below:

Email our offices at volunteer@blueheronchoir.org, complete with your contact information and volunteering interests.

Pledge your Time
Commit to Blue Heron with a minimum pledge of 10 hours of service annually.

Join a Team
Accept an assignment by Blue Heron leadership and staff to participate in a specific project or on a committee.

Contact Information
Volunteer Office
Blue Heron
45 Ash Street
Auburndale, MA 02466

Telephone: (617) 960-7956
Email: volunteer@blueheronchoir.org

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about volunteering with Blue Heron.