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Blue Heron offers a series of freely downloadable podcasts which feature pre-concert talks, illustrated with musical excerpts from the concert that followed. Two episodes are currently available. Others will be released as they are recorded and edited.

  1. MIT’s Myke Cuthbert speaking about the music of John Dunstable and his contemporaries (November 2006).
  2. MIT’s Teresa Neff speaking about John Taverner’s Missa Mater Christi and motets by William Byrd (September 2007).
  3. Episode 3 features a pre-concert lecture by Dr. Douglas Kirk. All the music is from the live performance following the lecture, featuring Blue Heron, the Boston Shawm and Sackbut Ensemble, and the Blue Heron Violin Band. (April 2008)

Blue Heron’s podcast series is produced with support from the Cambridge Society for Early Music.

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In addition to our own podcast series, our music is available elsewhere on the web. A podcast featuring music of Guillaume Du Fay, recorded February 28, 2006, is available from WGBH; click here to listen.

WGBH's Classical Connections recently interviewed Scott Metcalfe and musicologist Nick Sandon about the Peterhouse Partbooks. Hear the interview as it was broadcast on Oct. 10, 2008, or in the complete 40-minute version via WGBH.