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Blue Heron Online

The web continues to provide new ways to bring our performances to wider audiences. This year, Blue Heron has arrived on YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook! Read on for details:

Blue Heron on YouTube

Blue Heron now has a presence on YouTube: we have launched a "channel" called WakeUpToEarlyMusic. This will provide a location where we will post concert videos and recordings. You can subscribe to the channel via the YouTube site, and receive alerts when new videos appear.

Our initial posting includes three videos from Blue Heron's Mission San Luis Obispo concert on July 22, 2008, and we've added more videos since then. Enjoy them, and then pass the link along! You can share the link with as many people as you please and we hope you do.

Blue Heron on Facebook

The Blue Heron (vocal ensemble) group on Facebook provides a forum where fans — and singers! — can post photos, videos, and comments. Join in the conversation, and learn more about the people that make Blue Heron happen!