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photo: Liz Linder

About the Musicians

Blue Heron is a highly flexible performing organization which draws from a roster of musicians in order to constitute the ensemble best suited to the repertoire at hand; thus the ensemble may range in size from three singers (for a fifteenth-century chanson) to as many as fifteen (for a large-scale early sixteenth-century English mass as it might have been sung at Canterbury Cathedral) and adds instruments (slide trumpet, trombone, vielle, bajón) when appropriate. The performers are all members of Boston’s large early music community, with local and international professional associations including the Boston Early Music Festival, Sequentia, Las Huelgas Ensemble, Emmanuel Music, the Handel & Haydn Society, the Church of the Advent, the Theater of Voices, the Boston Camerata, the American Bach Soloists, Fortune’s Wheel, Tapestry, and many other ensembles.













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Jennifer Ashe
Michael Barrett
Cameron Beauchamp
Dashon Burton
Pamela Dellal
Paul Guttry
David McFerrin
Owen McIntosh
Jason McStoots
Martin Near
Stefan Reed
Mark Sprinkle
Julia Steinbok
Sonja Tengblad
Sumner Thompson
Daniela Tošić
Shari Wilson


Hank Heijink, viol
Laura Jeppesen, rebec & vielle
Scott Metcalfe, vielle & harp
Parthenia (viols):
 · Rosamund Morley
 · Beverly Au
 · Lawrence Lipnik
 · Lisa Terry
Emily Walhout, viol
Charles Weaver, lute

Performers in Previous Seasons

Becky Baxter
Glenn Billingsley
Marilyn Boenau, dulcian
Noël Bisson
Lydia Brotherton
Michael Collver, cornetto
Allen Combs
Brad Fugate
Lydia Heather Knutson
Steven Lundahl
David McSweeney
Gerrod Pagenkopf
John Proft
Mack Ramsey, trombone
David Thorne Scott
Aaron Sheehan
Jane Sheldon
Steven Soph
Daniel Stillman, dulcian
Peter Sykes
Ulysses Thomas
Teresa Wakim
Peter Walker
Brenna Wells
Zachary Wilder
Darrick Yee
Tom Zajac